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All party packs are a 1-week hire, taking the stress out of setting up your party. They’re also available to non-members (at an additional cost and hire fee). So if you’re a member and have friends who are interested in hiring a party pack, let them know they can! 

Please get in touch with us to confirm the available dates of your desired party pack.

Table And Children Chairs

Member: $5 per table, $5 per 6 chairs

Non-member: add $10 extra

We have 4 sets of tables and chairs available

Table height is adjustable from 554mm to 735mm

Chairs have maximum weight capacity of 50kg

Construction Party Pack

Members: $10

Non members: $20

Includes 60 construction blocks, 12 safety vests, 12 hard hats and 3 toy trucks

Traffic Party Pack

Members: $10

Non members: $20

Includes traffic signs, traffic lights, cones, street markers, and 4 ride-ons

Zero Waste Catering Pack

Members: $5

Non members: $10

Includes 18 bowls, plates, cups, knives, forks and spoons

Dishwasher safe

microwave friendly

BPA-free plastic

Music Party Pack

Members: $10

Non members: $20

Choose 10 musical items from the range including: xylophones, resonator bells, egg shakers, drums, triangular sound prisms, ukuleles, maracas, saxoflutes, records, tambourines… and more.

Junior Party Pack

Members: $10

Non members: $20

Choose 6 items from the range including: tunnel, roller coaster, spare activity table, rocking horse, little tikes whale see-saw, car ball pit, folding slide, mini parachute, little tikes activity gym, activity mats... and more.

Here's some party games suggestions with this pack.

Sports Party Pack

Members: $10

Non members: $20

Choose 6 sports items from the range, including T-ball, soccer goal and balls, football, bowling, hoops, totem tennis, handball target, gym mats, quoits, croquet, giant top, egg and spoon, stepping stones… and more.

Dress Ups Party Pack

Members: $10

Non members: $20

Choose 6 dress ups from the range including doctor, firefighter, fairy, dragon, knight, princess, tiger, shark, kangaroo, leopard, spiderman, Dalmatian, capes… and more.


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