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Junior Party Pack Games

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Have you seen our new Junior Party Pack? Here's some party games to go with these toys!

Over The Mountain

Tunnel play can get more exciting when you add some throw pillows, rolled blankets and other soft obstacles underneath the tunnel.

Treasure Hunt

Hide some soft toys or gifts in the ball pit for the kids to find.

Art Break

You can do this one in different ways but keep it “easy” as your operating word.

You can try an intentional craft time at your child’s party or just provide an easily accessible table with all sorts of supplies to explore.

Try putting out small paper bags along with fat markers, easy-to-peel stickers, and a fun little prize to put inside, and your giddy guests can decorate their own favor bags.

Just be sure to plan a craft that doesn’t take too much time or require serious drying so the children are sure to finish.

Ball Roll

Have the children try to roll the balls into the hole in the middle of the parachute. (Or have children try to keep the balls from going into the hole in the center.)

Another variation, you could tell a specific person to roll the ball to someone that you name. This game encourages cooperation, as the players will have to work together for the first player to get the ball to their friend.

Obstacle Course

Build an obstacle course using some or all of the items and time each child going through the course to see who is the fastest.


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