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Music Pack Party Games

Music games are a fun way to engage with your youngster, and research suggests that music can positively impact children’s minds. Here are some games and activities you can do using our Music Party Pack.

Strike up a Band

Gather all the musical toys in the party pack and let your little ones go to town on them! Children can take turns being the main band player, while the others harmonize or match the tempo of the main band player.

Musical Instrumental Train

  1. Make the children sit in a circle.

  2. Select one child to be the leader and have them stand in the center.

  3. The leader initiates the game by playing their instrument and producing a sound.

  4. The child next to the leader joins in, adding a different sound with their instrument.

  5. This sequence continues around the circle as each child contributes a unique sound, forming a musical train of diverse tones.

  6. Once all participants have joined in, the leader can introduce a new rhythm or melody for the “train” to follow.

Children can experiment with different sounds and rhythms to develop their auditory perception and musical expression.

Musical Statues

  1. Play some music and ask the kids to dance.

  2. When the music stops, the children should freeze like statues.

  3. The kids have to stand like that for a minute or so, and anyone who moves, giggles, or even wobbles when the music is not playing is out.

  4. When the music is back on, they continue dancing.

  5. The last person dancing on at the end is the champion statue!

Simon Says

It is a lively game where children follow musical instructions, combining the classic Simon Says with musical instruments.

  1. Act as 'Simon,' giving instructions like 'Simon says play your instrument loud', 'play your instrument while standing', 'Simon says play it slowly', 'play it above your head'.

  2. Children must follow the instructions only if they start with 'Simon says.'

  3. If an instruction is given without "Simon says,' they should remain still.

  4. Those who follow incorrect instructions can be out of the game.

Rhythm Mirrors

Rhythm Mirror is an energetic game where children mimic each other's rhythm and dance moves.

  1. Give everyone a shaker or maracas.

  2. Divide the children into two groups. One group will be the 'leaders' and the other will be 'mirrors.'

  3. Make the leaders stand facing their mirrors.

  4. Play some upbeat music.

  5. The leaders start dancing with creative and varied movements while using the shakers/maracas.

  6. The mirrors must copy the leaders' moves exactly as if they are reflections.

  7. After a few minutes, switch roles so everyone gets a chance to be both a leader and a mirror.


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