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The Problem With Rushing Childhood Learning

by Gabriel Cooper

Adults have become used to busyness with tons of to-do lists they need to accomplish. Unfortunately this can mean influencing our kids to act in the same way to rush through tasks.

"I understand that some parents want to finish tasks quicker, but we must also remember that rushing our kids with activities sabotages learning, creativity, and emotions," says family advocate and Kids rental toys distributor, Karina Wolfin.

At a young age, we must give children the freedom to play, rather than rushing or constraining them with tasks and controlling their learning. Why? Read on to learn about some of the problems with rushing childhood learning.

1. Curtails their creativity and curiosity

Controlling children to certain activities destroys their freedom to be creative on their own. Moreover, children may not have time to explore and be curious about things because they must move on to other tasks.

2. Rob them of the opportunity to learn independently

We mustn't make children feel pushed to learn things immediately. It's important to let them try things independently. If they fail, they can try again and learn from it.

3. Puts children in an emotional crisis

Kids need to have enough time to respond to activities using their emotions. In that way, they can differentiate and express various feelings. Rushing them does otherwise and can put them in an emotional crisis leading to self-doubt and lack of confidence.

4. Create gaps in relationships

Rushing our children makes life more difficult. It makes everyone feel stressed, significantly when things don't go the way you want them to. We must not create gaps in our relationships, and should accept their ideas and hear them out instead.

Gift your child the best learning opportunities at Richmond Toy Library

Instead of forcing kids to study and learn quickly, parents can nurture their development through play. Letting children move at their own pace enables them to communicate, interact, and understand things.

Richmond Toy Library takes the lead in creating friendly place to let children learn through. We offer a large variety of toys, games and accessories to boost your child's creativity, development, and passion, as well as fun-filled party packs for your child's next party, and other community events. Don't hesitate to call us at (+61) 412 287 914 or send us and email at so we can start your kid's learning journey today!


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