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Handmade toy highlight - doll makeovers for charity

By Melina Byrne

We love dolls so we were excited to hear about Christine’s doll makeovers. Christine is a long-term volunteer at a Vinnies opportunity shop in Victoria. The Vinnies Victoria Facebook page said, “Passionate about sewing and makeovers, Christine is known as the resident ‘Doll Lady’ ensuring all donated dolls are looking their best." "From shampooing and setting their hair to being bathed and dressed, even Christine’s husband Alan joins in the fun with sanding and painting cradles and beds – in their own time. This is the definition of ‘going the extra mile!’ Repeat customers come in weekly to see which dolls are runway ready… This is upcycling at its finest." Well done Christine for giving these dolls such a nice revamp!

Toy Library recommendations: We have a diverse range of dolls in the Toy Library. All children can benefit from playing with dolls. Playing with dolls can improve your child's cognitive ability as it can: - encourage imagination and communication skills - teach empathy and create a sense of caring - boost feelings of belonging and other important emotions. We have a Doll Feeding kit with a bib, bottle, bowl and spoon. We have a wooden doll house and a pram. There is also a 100 piece puzzle that shows a doll house. For more toy ideas, browse the Toy Library catalogue.


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