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COVIDSafe Plan

You will be able come in and browse the shelves from Saturday Jan 30th. Our community's health and safety remain a priority so we ask you to please help us by doing the following:

  • Keep your visits short and only touch what you’ll borrow.

  • Leave the little ones at home if they’ll have trouble with the above request.

  • Clean your toys before returning them.

  • Limited numbers of people will be permitted at one time, you may need to wait in the foyer until someone else leaves.

  • Visit when you and everyone in your household is well.

  • Wear a mask while visiting.

Our maximum capacity is 13, which includes children but exclude infants under 12 months of age. We want to serve as many of you as possible, so we have extended our Saturday sessions to go from 9:30am to 1:30pm. Our Tuesday sessions have been moved forward by 30 mins, so it's now from 6:30pm to 8:30pm


About Us

At Richmond Toy Library, we believe in the positive impact that belonging to a community has on families. Our purpose is to work alongside and support children, families and communities to develop, grow and thrive together through play. It can be challenging, but it’s always exciting! 

We’re dedicated to:

  • Providing children with opportunities to learn and develop through play

  • Encouraging children, parents and other adults to appreciate the benefits of play

  • Delivering services that are people-oriented

  • Promoting creativity and raising aspirations

  • Bringing people together as a community for learning and support



Come and visit us at the Toy Library during opening hours to become a member. Alternatively, you can sign up online anytime.



3 month trial

3 toys + 3 puzzles each time​

3 weeks loan​

Toys can be renewed once online



3 toys + 3 puzzles each time​

3 weeks loan​

Toys can be renewed once online

Includes $40 refundable Duty Deposit


per year

or $9.16 per month



3 toys + 3 puzzles each time​

3 weeks loan​

Toys can be renewed once online

Includes $40 refundable Duty Deposit


per year

or $10 per month

Party packs

Party Packs

All party packs are a 1-week hire, taking the stress out of setting up your party. They’re also available to 

Non-Members (at an additional cost and hire fee).
So if you’re a member and have friends who are interested in hiring a party pack, let them know they can!

Table And Children Chairs

Member: $5 per table, $5 per 6 chairs 
Non-member: add $10 extra

Enquiry Now

Zero Waste Catering Pack

Members: $5 
Non members: $10

Enquiry Now

Construction Party Pack

Members: $10 
Non members: $20

Enquiry Now

Traffic Party Pack

Members: $10 
Non members: $20


Enquiry Now

Member: $5 per table, $5 per 6 chairs 
Non-member: add $10 extra

  • We have 4 sets of tables and chairs available

  • Table height is adjustable from 554mm to 735mm

  • Chairs have maximum weight capacity of 50kg

Because it’s an exciting option for play! Your kids get to experience the pure joy of discovering new toys each week that they can explore, pretend and play with. And we know how quickly they grow, so it’s wonderful to be able to stimulate them with age-appropriate toys they may only enjoy for a short time.

Borrowing from the Toy Library:

  • Is Easy On Your Family Budget – Reducing your spending on toys

  • Keeps Your House Tidier – Decreasing the number of toys stored at home

  • Minimises Your Waste – Reducing your disposal of goods

  • Promotes Sharing Toys – Teaching your kids mindful habits

Children also learn a lot through play – from problem solving to physical skills. By joining the Toy Library, your children can play with a wide variety of toys, giving them more opportunities to expand their learning experiences. And because you’re borrowing them, you don’t have to pay high prices for new toys or waste space storing toys they grow out of.

Why Join The Toy Library?

Our Staff

We are always looking for more people to join our committee.

To find out more, contact us by email or talk to our Toy Library Coordinator.


- Toy Library Coordinator -


- Toy Library Coordinator -

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